Our services are designed to work at every stage of your company life-cycle.

Whether you are interested in building the right strategy for your business, getting your business ready for investment, developing your proposition, coming up with a marketing plan, winning new business, accessing finance for expansion or making an acquisition, we can help.

Our services are split into three key areas:

  • Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Raising Capital

Our agile approach allows us to align and tailor our services to meet your specific situation and needs.

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We're here to help small to medium sized businesses realise their full potential - our team has been delivering success over many years.

The team achieves this success by building strong and lasting relationships, providing exceptional insight, agile service and always being on hand to provide the right advice and direction.

In this way, we see our engagements, not just as a race to the finish line, but more of a journey – one that is fulfilling and ultimately successful.

We are:


We meet challenges head-on in a friendly manner. We work diligently to make a genuine contribution, continually re-asses our work to set higher goals, and strive to deliver superior results.


We have an agile mindset. We help clients adapt to changing market conditions and circumstances, turning negatives into positives and threats into opportunities. In today’s competitive marketplace, we encourage businesses to embrace change as it is often the necessary catalyst to thrive and grow.

Forward looking

We use our experience to help map the future. We anticipate events, keep a clear focus and help drive the project. Hindsight is one thing, but an emphasis on a well-defined forward path pays greater dividends in the long run.


We contribute imaginative ideas. We introduce original concepts and explore new ways to tackle awkward issues. Sometimes the same old answers just don’t do the trick, so we propose novel solutions to solve complex problems.

We’re supportive. We’re agile. We’re forward looking. We’re enterprising.

Thinking about the end game

Where do you want to be? We start from the basic premise that every business is different, so we spend time with you, your business, your marketplace … we support you and become a part of your mindset.

Critical questions that might be considered include:

  • How to meet the business objectives, realise ambitions and reach full potential?
  • How to achieve long-term sustainable growth?
  • How to optimise lifetime value and profitability?
  • How to maximise return on investment?
  • How to get the highest possible value for the business?
  • How to stay competitive in the longer term?
  • Has the business adopted the most commercially attractive and innovative business model?
  • Is the business agile and ready to adapt to change?
  • Is the business “battle ready” and primed for investment or sale?

The keys are collaboration and individualisation. The outcome is you know where you want to be.

Thinking about the Journey

How do you get there? We consider the opportunities and the obstacles. We look at the marketplace, the people, financials, geopolitical, and the like.

We will help you adapt to changing market conditions and circumstances, turning negatives into positives and threats into opportunities. Together, we agree the journey.

The keys are to utilise insight and research, fully scope your business sector and anticipate the direction of the wider market.

The outcome is that you will know how to get to where you want to be.

Thinking about the goals

When can you get there? With you, we apply our joint expertise to create the detailed journey, to develop The Plan with short, medium and long term goals and with clearly defined and measurable milestones.

We take an enterprising approach and engage the stakeholders, ensuring that all relevant parties are consulted or advised.

In particular there is often opportunity for us to recommend imaginative ways to drive the business forward. We have an agile mindset. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to encourage and embrace change, as change is often necessary to thrive and grow.

The keys are a combination of creativity, passion and considered professionalism.

The outcome is that you have The Plan and a clear idea of when you can achieve your goals.

Delivering the thinking – it is all about getting there

What is the best result? We ensure value is maximised – we will always be driven by a commitment to deliver measurable results. Combining all our expertise, contacts, networks and specialisms, the plan is then realised.

Partnering with us, you will see that we meet challenges head-on in a friendly manner and work diligently to make a genuine contribution. We continually re-assess our work to set higher goals and deliver superior results.

The keys are focus, practical ambition and resolute project management.

The outcome is that you accomplish what you set out to achieve and arrive at your destination.

We remain keenly aware of the client’s evolving needs and strive to create lasting value.

We help our clients penetrate new markets and reach new heights by identifying and addressing the key issues and always providing personal attention and support.

  • Achieve long-term sustainable growth
  • Maximise lifetime value and profitability
  • Maximise return on investment
  • Business is battle ready and ready for sale / investment
  • Get the highest possible value for their business
  • Make sound and worthy business / investment decisions
  • Meet their objectives, realise their ambitions and reach their full potential
  • Have the most commercially attractive and innovative business model
  • Are agile and ready to adapt to change
  • Achieve measurable value

Our goals are always aligned to meet our clients objectives.