Our strategy services are designed to ensure you have the right business strategy to support the future growth and profitability of your business.

Our strategy services include:


Do you want to be a market leader, challenger, follower, nicher or disrupter? Defining a clear path - going for market share or new investment - with a clear horizon, using proven tools, setting achievable goals and communicating the outcomes.


Who is prepared to sell? Which organisation makes the right fit? Researching the options, kicking off the process, defining the objectives and negotiating with the targets.


How do I increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage? How do I achieve maximum impact with a limited marketing budget? The options are numerous. Starting the process with the Business Goals, then the Marketing Strategy, then the Marketing Mix and then the Marketing Plan. Benchmarking, ROI and defining the cost of acquisition are the keys.


What is your current "authority" score. How do I balance PPC, SEO and Social activity? A web healthcheck, jargon free guidance and defined metrics to help you through this rewarding minefield.


To bid or not to bid? Can we oust the incumbent? Winning a higher percentage of bids by following a proven and structured methodology.

Exit Strategy

Should I stay or should I go? What is the best route? Getting the timing right, controlling the communications, evaluating the options and positioning the company to get the best multiple.

Our business planning services are designed to support and help you meet the objectives of your company's strategy.

These services cover a number of areas, including:


How do I stand out from the competition? Which part of the marketplace do I want to occupy? Define the key component of your marketing strategy - namely making yourself different - by plotting your competitive strengths and pinpointing the best space for you to dominate in the industry.


How do I build a strong brand? How does brand success equal business success? Thrive by harnessing finance, longevity, technological advancement, new product development and mass communication.

Marketing Planning

How best to spend the few bucks that have been allocated by the accountants? Mapping out the stages that include Corporate Objectives, Marketing Audit and SWOT, Marketing Mix Plan and Budget. Timing, impact and ROI are the secrets.

Marketing Research

Do I really know enough about my competitors? What is the core information that I need? Balancing the qual and quant approach and ensuring that the right questions are being asked to make sure that the research is timely, insightful and sustainable.

Proposition Development

What are my competitors saying? What do my customers really want? Understanding what your customers really value and identifying the most convincing propositions that will make your offering fly off the shelves. The approach validates the effect of Differentiation and reduces marketing wastage by selling on one key message.

Customer Loyalty / Relationship Management

How do I build an effective customer loyalty programme? What will make it long-lasting? Transform your company from telling and selling to communicating and trading knowledge, from sharing markets to creating and owning new ones in partnership with your customers.

Bid Process Management

To bid or not to bid? What will make a win more likely? Help with understanding the contract enquiry cycle, the factors that go into making the decision to bid and the different steps that go in creating the proposal.

Pipeline Management

What CRM software should I be using? What is the pipeline worth and what is the likelihood of closing each sale? Following the B2B basics of Initial contact, Qualification, Meeting Proposal and Close gives the confidence of an accurately weighted pipeline.

Business Case Development

What techniques work best in building a business case? How do I get the right reaction? Working out the structure, paying particular attention to the Executive Summary and ensuring the right level of call to action.

Case Study Development

Which case studies will have the most impact? What is the most effective structure? Deciding on the optimum length and layout, collecting the right material and illustrating how you have approached, evaluated and resolved a problem for a client.


Legal, Tax, Commercial and Technical Due Diligence

What information can be verified? What is assertion, rather than fact, and where are the risks? A mix of market and competitive intelligence to validate the information and the opportunity. Focusing on the key drivers of value, the principal areas of risk and how realistic are the forecast sales units.

Operational Due Diligence

How can I be sure that the operational synergies will be realised? How can I prepare a plan to create maximum value? Conduct a clear risk assessment, create a pragmatic 100 day plan and stress test the outcome.

Contracts for Goods and Services

Are exclusion clauses workable? In the "battle of forms" whose standard terms apply to an agreement? The devil is in the detail. Focusing on terms and agreements that are logical, clear, binding and fair is the key to a lifetime free of litigation.

IP Assessments

How do I develop, protect and exploit my IP? Have I conducted an inventory of my IP? Checking all the contracts is one thing but doing a proper audit and cost/benefit analysis to determine which IP protection measures make sense is the key.

Shareholders' Agreements

Is it worth the expense? Which are the appropriate restrictive covenants? Better to strike early than late. Best to agree drag along and tag along rights at the beginning. Not at the end.

Legal guidance and execution to support numerous deal structures

On the right track in terms of corporate governance? Got all your ducks in a row?

Getting Your Business Ready for Future Growth

Business Operations Consultancy

Our specialist consultancy services are designed to ensure you have the right infrastructure, processes and resources in place to support and sustain future growth. As a result we work with a number of specialist business consultants who cover areas including Procurement, HR, Logistics, Leadership Development, Culture Development, Training, Legal, Finance and IT.

Our investment services are designed to ensure you maximise the value for your business, ensuring you attract the right buyers and make the right investment decisions



How can I attract the right funding? How can I access the right finance? Assessing the appropriate sources, focusing on the right sectors and finding the right "sweet spots."

Financial Due Dilligence

Is your business ready for financial and business due diligence? What data do you actually need to prepare? Carefully assembling and chronicling existing material and anticipating and preparing the DAQ's - the Definitely Asked Questions - is the vital activity.

Management Information

How accurate and timely is the monthly information? What level of detail is required? Is it about gathering data or providing real insight? Defining the important metrics that keep you on top of your business and getting the right information at the right time to help you run your business.

Data Modelling

How do you give credibility to your growth story? How do you evaluate the transaction? Scenario and sensitivity analysis and returns evaluation, breaking down complexity and providing improved analytics for investor support.


What is "fair value?" Adjusted net profit, ebitda or p/e ratio? With so many other variations to consider it is difficult to strike the right balance. The key is a clear understanding of industry prospects and the power of visibility of earnings.

Preparing an Information Memorandum

What will attract the best buyers or investors? What is the ideal content? Making sure that the right team is already in place, the investment highlights are agreed and substantiated and the Investment offer is clear and unambiguous.