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Thoughtstream specialise in helping scale-ups and mid-market companies to strengthen, accelerate and drive their business growth.

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We’re not your usual run-of-the-mill consultants, we promise. Yes, we’ll use our experience and expertise to help you develop exactly the right strategy to grow your business and deliver exceptional results. We’ll also get stuck in, and work as part of your team to make sure those plans don’t just live on paper, but that they are achieved and surpassed.

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Thoughtstream’s success stories include our own as well as our clients’. We’re a team of leaders who have successfully founded, grown, acquired and sold numerous companies ourselves. No-one ever said building a business was easy, but we can genuinely help drive the difference between a good result, and a great one. What we do includes:

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Strategic Thinking

We think smarter: Exceptional insight and innovative vision are the game changers to fast-track you to where you want to be, and beyond.

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Business Planning

Anyone can write a business plan. Creating one that really means something and gets implemented is the hard part – that’s where we come in.

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Raising Capital

It’s not just about getting a deal – it’s about getting the right deal. M&A, acquisitions, investment or exit – we help you maximise value at every stage.

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Finding Allies

Knowing the right people at the right time can make all the difference. We’ve worked hard to develop an awesome network who can help you too.

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