There is a school of thought that building a brand is a “nice to have” rather than a “must have.” This is a mistake. Building a brand is not a fluffy exercise but an essential tool in every company’s armoury and should be included in the company’s top 5 priorities each and every year.

A strong brand works in so many ways. In its simplest form the brand value is an agreement on trust. The purchaser knows what they are buying and expects a consistent level of value. Whatever you might think of McDonald’s that is what they provide and why they are so successful.

But a brand works on many levels – not just the superficialities of company logos and loyalty. If someone calls from say one of the top 4 Accountancy firms then you are likely to take their call. If someone else calls from a small unknown provincial firm then you most likely won’t. This underlines the power of a brand.

How do you get there? Firstly find out what your market really values, then focus on the things that you are really good at, carefully articulate your differentiation (what you want to be known for) and finally consistently drive home your strengths.

It is not as complicated as many would have you believe – after all, funds permitting, it has always been easier to sell a Mercedes or a BMW than a Skoda.

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