There are any number of elements that contribute to a more efficient and productive workplace but some factors stick out more than others. The first relates to leadership. If management communicate in a timely, consistent and relevant manner (always accepting two-way communication), then one is already some of the way there. But, by the way it also helps if management set a good example and follow what they preach!

The second issue is setting clear goals. People like to know what the end goal is and have a clear sense of direction. What does success look like and how do you know that you have got there? Then there is the question of accountability. This is not just about the vague belief that someone is doing a good job but is about ensuring that there are proper measurements in place.

It is worth noting that research shows that the way employees are developed over a period of time has the greatest effect on how engaged they are. This has direct implications in a growing company where attracting talent, to reduce any skills gap, is a continuous concern.

One final point. A great deal of time is spent in meetings. Naturally meetings can improve communication, gain consensus and enhance decision making, but by their very nature they tend to be internally focused and not always customer oriented.   Any scheme that cuts down on the number of meetings is unlikely to be a bad thing.

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